Peace; joy; happiness

I vote for “Stellar Sundays!”

I am having a fantastic day – how is yours? I had the day, yesterday, where you wish you could actually shoot it and euthanize it. Ill, all the way through.

Today in comparison, is totally rainbows and shiny stuff. I’m about to get all grateful, so if you want to skip the Hallmark card portion, know I love you and bow out now. 😉

  • Even though I woke up waaaaaay to early, I was happy that I got to talk to my friends on the East Coast before they got busy with kids and life.
  • My friends have the most amazing kids, and it is really interesting to watch them grow up in pictures, and videos, and just…WOW. They are really amazing short hoomans.
  • SPEAKING of kids, you probably know that when I met Smiley, he had the eating habits of a five year old. Now, I have to give him credit, somewhat, because he ate swiss cheese, spinach and broccoli and salad. Through the years, I have gradually introduced him to other things (“Are there ‘snips in this soup?? Where are the ‘snips? Yes, he loves parsnips now.), and I am so proud to announce that today, he graduated to 4th grade eating. I made Radiatore pasta with shrimp and a fresh cilantro/diced tomato/olive oil and parmesan sauce. Not only did he eat it, he came BACK, all the way downstairs (LOL) for seconds, and as my dad used to say “DEEEE-MAAAAN-DAYED”  I save some for his dad.
  • This means, in THIS house, I AM Betty Crackhead. Amen to that
  • Laundry is being done, dishes are washing, kitchen is clean. I feel like a freaking whirling dervish/ super heroine. Can I get a “WHAT, WHAT???!!!”

In the meantime, I talked/ chatted with a lot of you, who contributed to making the day happier, and managed to squeeze in a view of Jennifer Garner in 13 Going On 30. Why I do not own that movie, I have no idea. The movie just is happy, until I want to punch the blond beeyotch in the nose. If you’ve seen it, you know.

Anywhoo…life is good, pets are happy, hubby is happy, and right now I am about to watch a friend’s video of her Tinkerbell/ Powah Rainjah kid, because it is RIDICULOUSLY happy making.

Talk to you soon!

T, out. 


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