It IS possible to be too twitchy.


By twitchy, I don’t mean involuntary twitches… we all have them, mentally, physically, or if you’re extra special like me, you get both! YAY SANTA!! However, what I really meant was a way around saying “anal retentive” or “obsessive,” or the like. 

I am a classic case of someone who should probably be skated around, because if I don’t know what’s going on up there, can’t really tell you either, correct.? I said I was far too tired to cook, and yet found myself making bolognese for dinner, and then milanese chicken breasts with shrimp and habañero salsa. Then I decided it would be a good idea to make tortellini soup for my other half in case I just really didn’t feel like cooking tomorrow night. WTH??

I’ve spent most of the day by myself, with pets wandering around of course. Took care of a bunch of things, and none of them joy making. It’s just the way it goes; scheduling picking up the CD (always knew I’d be on SOMEONE’S disc!) of all my previous radiology tests tomorrow morning, and then headed for my 2nd MRI this week tomorrow afternoon. Blood work already set up for the 27th, and my CT angiogram scheduled for 8:30am 1/29 (gotta love a gf who gives you and your dad plenty of time to get the dogs to the groomer at 10, right?), talked to all the government agencies I needed to, and worked on continuing my referral for Physical Torture AKA therapy.

I twitched when they told me they don’t have headphones for music in this Radiology dept. Let’s just say I don’t like small spaces, but I won’t freak.

Steps after this, are back to the pain management doc to deal with the nerve damage on the left side, back to the neurosurgeon, and to the internal radiologist as well as a neurologist, and then we’ll decide to do with this defective brain of mine. 

I’m really not a “down” person. This is sometimes enough to smush me right into the dirt. Trying to deal with one moment at a time.

Taking a lot of joy watching others’ joy and personal/professional accomplishments. I am blessed to have so many good friends I call family, only some of whom are related to me.

Here’s to tomorrow, right? 



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