Peace; joy; happiness

I suppose many don’t think about it. I’ve encountered plenty of people along the way who think anything that deviates from their way of life is WRONG. Heaven forbid you should have differing opinions, or disagree with another person. What matters most is what happens after.

I have friends who are very conservative, and I have friends who are very liberal. I don’t need to get into the whos and whats.. and then I have a bunch who are middle of the road. Facebook is a double edged sword. I don’t get out much, so I rely on FB, Skype, etc. to help me stay connected, on a real-ish time basis. Without these tools, I would not be mentally where I am right now. I know that is probably a frightening thought for you, but the scarier part is: I CAN BE SO MUCH WORSE.

I have a lot of medical stuff going on in these next two weeks, and it determines what type of brain surgery I need to have, or if suddenly I am a “miracle child,” none at all for now. I won’t lie. I’m scared witless, but being scared doesn’t change the fact that I have to have an MRI (again) or a procedure at a hospital to check out my screwed up noggin (CT Angiogram).

I guess it’s all in the perspective. I have the next four days “off.” I’m free of PT, free of doc appts., and David is working, so I guess I’ll be without human company too. I am going to attempt to do laundry, and get that horrid monkey off our back, while Smiley is working. Sounds like a stupid goal, but sometimes it’s a lot for me. Just keep going, Tarah.

To me, a big percentage of what I’ve been through is just “stuff” that happens. Not to everyone, but I don’t think I’m special because I faced down some pretty awful stuff and came out semi-coherent. Frankly, they give you better drugs when you’re incoherent and bleeding all over the place, than when you apathetically come in and tell your doc, “My mother hates me.” The docs tend to look back at you and say “AND? My mother hates me too, unless she’s trying to hook me up with her friend’s sister’s daughter. I’m MARRIED.” True story.

So, it’s Monday. I know the whiplash from the weekend sucks. I’m not even going to try to give a pep talk, because really, I am not very good at them. You know what you have to do today, and I do too. I think everybody gets to at least, initially, choose whether it’s going to be a great day, a shitty day, or the day in between where you have moments of good and yuck.

Here’s to a day filled with more smiles than frowns, more “I’m having a great day!” than “Can I go home?”, and to remembering you know who you should call if you have issues (it’s not GhostBusters – don’t be getting all nutty on me now) – your friends and family. 🙂

T, out.



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