What a Fool Believes

Look, I don’t think any of us are having the time of our lives. Did YOU just win a bunch of money? I didn’t either. *sigh*

This is potentially based on false ideas of what I think our reality should be. I’m seeing it more and more in my life and hell if I can’t point the finger in my own damn direction (it’s hard to get a selfie like that,) I’m just gonna have to school you. If you can’t hang on a network that is supposed to based on relationships and friendships (and everyone else should be blocked/banned/ whatever – there’s a setting for it.) you might have issues. 
Good, welcome to the club. If you don’t like whiners, there are settings for that. If you are capable of getting out of the house without spending money you do not have, go for it. (Your true friends want you to be happy.) Drop FB or LinkedIN or whatever you’re into… 
drama is drama. Business suit or bathrobe – if you’re sick of a person’s mentality, and still love the person, then tell them and say you’ll be there when they figure out things for themselves… or NOT.
If you’re just sick of THEM. That person. Their personality no longer meshes, and you feel like you have anything to offer each other – remember, it’s a two way street, so putting someone on the back burner is ok, if you still remember why you love him/her, and it’s ok to let go completely. Relationships come back around, if you want them to or until you break them. 
So my only caution for myself, because heaven forbid I point fingers, is:
1) Remember there is such a thing as a rough “go.”
2) I don’t have to like your other friends or even your spouse/ latest thing/ bf/ whatever. Hell, I don’t even have to like your dog.
3) Cry all I want. I have a shoulder right here. I will back you up until I don’t have anymore breath. Don’t expect that if you treat me like dirt. Similarly, if you don’t think you can handle drama, pick up the phone and talk. You know, I talk, you talk, we laugh, remember the essence of each other, and move on, knowing we have awesome friends.
4) All these people threatening to quit whichever site, or block people, or whatever. I just do it. I don’t make an issue of who made the cut or when I did it, or why. Look, I don’t know how much time you think YOU have on this spinning ball, but I have a solid idea for me. So for me, I’m done. WAY done f’n around with this nonsense where I see people shitting on each other because THEIR life isn’t perfect. 

I know that sometimes life is beautiful. Sometimes I remember that right beyond this shit period is a moment of clarity so perfect I can see sunbeams off it. I know that I have AMAZING friends, and the love of my life by my side. I might be seen as a complainer, but I’m not really. I haven’t crumbled yet (well, rather than a few embarrassing hospital moments), and I won’t. Being happy doesn’t mean perfect. For me it means being able to smile everytime I see your picture, or I get your phone call, or you text me with something that reminded you of me, and all of that VICE VERSA.

Stop worrying, just for 1 minute. Count everything you have to be thankful for 60 seconds, and remember that every second counts.

You just wasted a minute or so reading this. 


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