Monthly Archives: July 2014

Some people have amazing strength…

I wish I was talking about me. 

When I read something tonight about someone who has persevered despite not being able to read or write for half of this person’s life, I was blown away. I can sit here and feel bad that my reading abilities have diminished after the stroke and the aneurysms and the head injury, but I can still write, and I can still read. 

I can still sing, and I can still read music. I might have a hard time, sometimes, finding my way to English, and be able to speak Spanish or Italian, but it’s all still there – I’m just having to develop new pathways to get to it. 

Bless the people who aren’t mired in self pity and keep going, because I really admire them. They are inspiration for me, and help make sure I don’t fall off the path I need to be on.

Nothing inspirational from me… just a lot of admiration and appreciation for people who keep doing what they need to, and all of my friends who never cease to amaze me with their senses of humor, intelligence, kindness, and laughter.

– One grateful girl.