I bet you know stuff I don’t!

Remember G.I. Joe, and knowing is half the battle? I’m more the poster kid for G.I No.

This was my day today, and is more representative of the G.I. No culture, than me being… uh… well we still know I rolled my eyes. Moving along.

1) My dog refuses to go to the bathroom unless I give her a treat first. Doesn’t matter what time of day – Mommy up. Mommy gives a treat. Bella pees.

2) All of my pets expect treats in the morning, and when I come home from walks. Apparently not giving treats in our house is the excuse they need to go crazy.

3) Dealt with my mother in law’s birthday today. Would have been fine, but she’s been dead for years, and my other half is her first born child. I tried to do what I could, but still sad for him.

4) I KNOW I’m not an exercise freak. I was on a mission today though, and damnit, lights and shopping and all, I was making 15 minute miles all the way. I did it though, and was home in time for the dishwasher to keep going.

5) Dessert didn’t happen today. It’s ok. I took two spoonfuls for Carol. 😀

Tomorrow is “take your dog on a walk day until she doesn’t have energy to get up and create mischief” day. My bet? On me. I CAN tire this puppy out. It just will take a few hours. Noted.

Have a great night!


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