Monthly Archives: April 2015

Sometimes, everything looks like flax cereal

I know I haven’t written in a long time. The benefit for me is that nobody actually sees this.

It’s Saturday, and I should be having a fantastic day.

~ My partner took the dog to an appointment I made, for grooming, with a throw-up kit in the passenger seat. He was so far from thrilled, and I absolutely know he blamed all of his misery on me. Well, isn’t that fun.

~ “Talk to my dad.” So I called, like a dutiful DIL, and he called back. Stating that he had run all of the errands we were supposed to do today, but it was ok, because he was going to pick me up in 5 minutes. Well, holy hell. Have you stood there in your jammies, dropped everything and scrambled to make yourself dressed and presentable?

~ He called me… Figured out 5-10 minutes. After I got ready, in 10 minutes, he bailed. He was tired, and I get that. Yet, when I talked to my partner, he told me I was making it all about myself, because the plan flipped on a dime and I didn’t know what was going on. Remember – IT’S ALL ABOUT ME. I’m apparently that selfish. WTF??

~ I’m not going any further with this, other than to say, if you think everything I say is about me, than just defriend me. I don’t have time for that nonsense. If I can’t tell you reality, and have to bring roses, and unicorns, and a whole bunch of “No of course not – that isn’t complete crap…” then just go away. No energy to deal with that nonsense.

Remember, it’s all about me. Not my interactions with other people, or the things I do for others. Keep that in mind. *shrug*