Monthly Archives: June 2016

There are violins everywhere.

Listen carefully, because if you don’t, you’ll miss them.

Someone re-posted something about how to make a relationship last. I appreciated it. Isn’t my life, but I get it. My life looks more like this:

  • We argue. We’re both intelligent and don’t always agree. I pick my battles.
  • He makes time to spend with our pets.
  • He makes more time to laugh and joke with me and take me to the store.
  • He installed cameras in our house because he was the one in ICU with me, and worries about me always.
  • He loves my friends, and vice versa. We can be in just about any situation together, and not have an issue. I love that he is so tolerant.
  • I think he is adorable, and for some weird reason, he thinks I’m beautiful (I need to get his eyes checked.)
  • Life together is not about everything being perfect. We compromise all the time, and put up with our crazy families. It never shakes our foundation.
  • I’m grateful for every moment with him. Except when he’s a PITA, and then I put myself in time out. LOL
  • He can go get massages, and I can go get my nails done. We love to be together, but we’re ok doing things by ourselves.
  • We sing along to my Spotify on his car radio. There’s NOTHING like having him sing “Just the Way You Are” at the top of his lungs and him telling me that’s exactly how he feels.
  • Tolerance, playfulness, a whole bunch of smartass, lots of jokes and laughter, responsibility, knowing he’s my best friend, and will always love our pets and friends.
  • There isn’t any secret. Relationships are really a lot of work. We don’t think about it most of the time, but the truth is, we listen. If he’s hungry, I make lunch. If I need to go to the store, he takes me. I buy him what he needs, and he’ll make a trip to buy me what I need. It’s all about listening for me.

I’m still learning.



When the road seems long…

This might seem like a rant. It’s really not. It’s just a vocalization of frustration.

  • If I make plans with someone, and pay for it, show up. Barring emergencies, it’s disrespectful.
  • Please don’t take your grumpiness out on me. I’m willing to listen, always, sometimes at the detriment of my own peace of mind.
  • I need to learn to not internalize someone else’s bad attitude. That’s my issue, and not anyone else’s.
  • Just because I look “normal” and “well” these days; it does not change the fact that every single day I have challenges NORMAL people do not have to face. I hate to even pull the traumatic brain injury or the heart problem card, or sprained joints or blood disorder, and I certainly don’t want people to treat me with kid gloves. Please just recognize that there are certain things about this version of me.
  • I tire easily, suffer from weird sleep patterns. I sometimes have issues with speech and comprehension, and I have to work really hard to do some things that used to come naturally. I’m not lazy. Sometimes, I’m just freaking exhausted.
  • I have a house, and pets, and I pay bills like everyone else. It just sometimes takes more mental effort and organizing to get shit done.
  • Please do not treat me like I’m stupid. I┬ámight have damage, but there is a functioning human in here.
  • Have you ever, in your life, seen someone calm down when they are told to calm down? Thought not. Do not do it. Just leave me by myself. I can calm myself, thank you very much.
  • Remember to not hurt the people who love you the most. Those are the people who will go to battle for you, no matter what.

The road will take you home.

Staying in the lines?

Sometimes I just color outside the lines. It can be annoying.

I fully understand that there are certain guidelines we are supposed to follow. Manner, etiquette, and things no-one should speak of ever.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m about to break the rules.

  • I spent the morning doing chores. I hate them. I wish I was 7 again.
  • Let’s just leave it at my uterus feels like it is falling out, and I wish it would. I’m not using it for anything.
  • I baked, and it’s not the baking that is the issue- it’s the packaging. It’s time consuming, and if I didn’t have headphones, that stuff would sit on the countertop until I threw it out. Music is a savior.
  • I’m experimenting with a new recipe, and waiting for feedback can be a little nerve wracking.


  • Do what you want today. It’s Saturday, which means absolutely ZERO to me, but for M-F, live it up. Monday is after Sunday. LOL

Now be nice, don’t take other people’s stuff, and color outside the lines all you want. Creative thinkers are terrific problem solvers and optimists.