Staying in the lines?

Sometimes I just color outside the lines. It can be annoying.

I fully understand that there are certain guidelines we are supposed to follow. Manner, etiquette, and things no-one should speak of ever.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m about to break the rules.

  • I spent the morning doing chores. I hate them. I wish I was 7 again.
  • Let’s just leave it at my uterus feels like it is falling out, and I wish it would. I’m not using it for anything.
  • I baked, and it’s not the baking that is the issue- it’s the packaging. It’s time consuming, and if I didn’t have headphones, that stuff would sit on the countertop until I threw it out. Music is a savior.
  • I’m experimenting with a new recipe, and waiting for feedback can be a little nerve wracking.


  • Do what you want today. It’s Saturday, which means absolutely ZERO to me, but for M-F, live it up. Monday is after Sunday. LOL

Now be nice, don’t take other people’s stuff, and color outside the lines all you want. Creative thinkers are terrific problem solvers and optimists.


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