Seriously, summer?

You’re messing with my household.

  • I’m wearing a tank top that hates me, and capris that currently love me. The other half wore a ski jacket this morning. He also turned the heat on last night.
  • At least make it into triple digits so I can sweat off this last 20 pounds before I have to show up in the land of prettier people aka Southern California (for a wedding, so I have to put on a dress and adult. LOL)
  • I wanted to use my dog’s leash to fly her like a kite. That’s how windy it is here. (Yes, I’m joking about my pupster. She hides behind my legs when it blows too much.)
  • Pretty sure that even though we live on the sun, I won’t get a tan. Irish potato white for life!

Time to brave the outdoors… enough of looking at my kitchen!


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