This is where someone tries to hurt me.

I’m probably going to lose friends over this.

  • I HATE Mother’s Day. While I appreciate all the moms I know, it’s just a whole big sucker punch because I don’t live in that Hallmark card. Please, just no more with the adverts about what flowers to buy. It’s nauseating.
  • Certain people are jerks. This is a truth, and if you’re honest, you know it. A certain canine tried to get through the fence to eat my pupster. If you’re the mom, control your dog. I do.
  • I’m really not a fan of people. I love my persons, and I tell them as much as I can.
  • People with limited intelligence ignore an ambulance. Twice.
  • Vegetables are a limited quantity item. Don’t do it unless you can swoop by and scoop. Otherwise, you will end up with a chicken neck, and super tired.
  • This is also known as “don’t ask anyone for anything, because then they can’t say anything.”

Peace out, kids. 🙂


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