Here’s my guide to success:

  • The day is about the bride, so keep all my worries/ fears to myself.
  • I bought the dress 6 months in advance.
  • Final fitting is tomorrow, and I’m trying not to do a crazy, anxiety session on myself.
  • Since I have fears about balance, walking, standing, I’ve told my physical therapist to walk me “down the aisle” and time me on standing.
  • Sounds ridiculous, but I’m working really hard. The Dungeon Master is coming back in two days. The thought of doing 30 mins of squats, and 20 mins of wall push-ups makes me want to cry. Oh yeah, add walking to that. *sniffle*
  • I’m showing up for all the events. She expects me, and I will be there.
  • Don’t bother asking who the groomsman is who is walking with you. I’m going with a guy in a tux, and my other half will be in a suit in the temple. Poor guy doesn’t know who he’s dealing with; at least the hubby knows I’m nuts.

Basically, it’s an exercise in friendship and a whole bunch of “SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP.”


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