Before I do a nose dive

Don’t do it!

I have so many good things today to report.

No, I didn’t save the world. I know you didn’t expect me to, and neither did I. So welcome to world of mundane and silly.

  • I got my hairs did by Lindsey, and it’s fabulous. This is a woman who understands the difference between Princess and Porn Star.
  • Talked to David’s dad twice. He will never know the gift he gave me when he saw me step out of the dressing room in my bridesmaid gown, I will never, ever forget the intake of breath and the look on his face. I felt like a queen. He looked proud of me.
  • We have a new name for crazy train across the street. I can’t even say it without laughing. Twatwaffle. Thank you, Kim Ulmanis, because that is just hilarious.
  • So many PT exercises in the last 2 days. I’m standing and walking strong, even though I get tired – I keep going!
  • I’m wearing the shirt my amazing friend Laura picked out for me, and rocking it – it’s perfect for me. Kudos to her for her keen sense of fit and fashion.


Life is not always about the HUGE announcements, and sometimes it’s about the little things.


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