Monthly Archives: September 2017

Sometimes I have to take a step back.

I learned more lessons today. Not all of them great, but all helpful.

  • 4 year olds who love you will do anything to stay near you. “Tawah, I lob you soooooo much.” That actually goes a LONG way.
  • 4 year olds are also concerned. It was really windy, and as I put a sweatshirt on him, he pointed to my jeans and said “Aren’t you cold? There’s holes in yo pants.” (ripped jeans) I about fell over laughing.
  • Got double charged for something I did. $15. For a game for said four year old. Got a talking to about spending money on a game, and then laughed internally because money got spent on Marvel Avengers every month for nearly a year (and not by me.)
  • Tears are ok. Get that emotion out. For me, they are a waste of time- they solve nothing, mess up my eyes, and over the years I’ve learned that if I go more than three tissues, I should just get up and stop.
  • I can not control every aspect of my day to day life. I try. I plan. I clean. I bake. Reality will hit me like a freight train every time.
  • I can’t control other peoples’ reactions or emotions either. Life happens, and sometimes it’s marvelous, and sometimes it’s not.
  • Once again, we don’t always know what kind of day a person had, or the burden we have to shoulder when things go badly. Compassion and empathy.

I woke up and made it through the day. I’m still blessed.